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A community for K-Franchise overseas expansion
Global K-Foodiero

A community for K-Franchise overseas expansion
Global K-Foodiero

As the number of franchise headquarters that hope to expand the business overseas, including Vietnam and Southeast Asia, is increasing, “Global K-Foodiero” is the community for K-Franchise Overseas expansion for success through cooperation among companies rather than competition.

#Master Franchise Contract

#Joint Investment Contract

#Franchisee opening Contract

#Joint Logistics Network and Consulting for direct entry into the market

#Support for Local service training

#Export of core food ingredients

#Joint response to legal issues in each nation

Management team

Na Deuk-gyun

Current)CEO of Mealpang Co., Ltd
Current)Co-CEO of Narae Food One (Meat Processing Business)
Current)Representative of Overseas General Business Division 햇잎푸드 Co., Ltd (Sauce Manufacturing )
Current)Franchise Distributor Representative of Busan Daewon Foods (Daewon Fish Cake)
Current)(Cor) Head of External Cooperation Division of Korea Celebrity Sports Association
Former)Branch manager of Daejeon and Chungcheong of Fun & I Co., Ltd./Harry Korea Co., Ltd.

Office Director
Kim Jeong-deok

Current)CEO of Danji FnB
Former Manager of Lotteria’s directly-managed branch.
Former team manager of the Sales Management and Education Division at Kyochon Chicken
Former Sales Management Manager of Ebadom Gamjatang
Former General Manager of Donsoobaek
Advisory committee member of Franchise Forum (

Kim Cheol-yoon

Chairman of Fun & I Co., Ltd. and Harry Korea
Director of FI Trade Academy
Chairman of Jangsa Myungjang Club
LG Economic Research Institute, Selected as “Innovation Leader of the Year”
Selected as a “Management Innovative Enterprise” by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Received the award from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy twice

General Manager of Management Advisory
Go Young-ho

Current) CEO of 올바른 F&B: Mikado Sushi
Former)Sysop of Franchise Forum
Current)Secretary General of Chung-Ang University's Foodservice Industry CEO Conference Alumni Association.""
Current) Director of 프포 Cooperative Association
Former)Baeun Startup: Director of New Business Division in Sunnam Siraegi
Former) Director of Naju Gomtang Najujeon

Educational Advisory
Hyeon Seong-Woon

Current) CEO of For Better Service Management Research Institute
Current)(Corporation) Head Professor of Food Service Marketing Specialist Course in Korea Food Service Industry Development Institute
Current)Dedicated Professor of Education at the Food Industry Research Institute in the Korea Food Industry Association
Former)CSO/Co-Founder of 외식인 Co., Ltd
Former)Education&Development team manager of Jaws Food Co., Ltd
Former)Education team manager of BONIF Co., Ltd
Former)The youngest store manager of TGI FRIDAYS

PR ambassador
Kim Seung-su

Sports event business after graduating from college
1997 MBC Open Recruitment Talent 26th Class
1998 Drama “I Don’t Know Anything But Love”
1999 Drama “The One and Only You”
2003 KBS1 “One Million Roses” — Year-end KBS Drama Awards
2006 MBC Founding Special Drama “Jumong”-Appeared as “Prince Daeso” and became a global star.
2010 KBS1 drama “King Gwanggaeto”
2022 KBS2 weekend drama “Three siblings bravely”
2022 Appeared in many dramas, movies, and entertainment programs every year, including the 2022 TVN drama “Syurup”
‘Since2017Gourmet Entertainment Programs such as JTBC’s “Please take care of my refrigerator” and TVN’s “Wednesday Foodtalk”
September-December 2021,The final winner in the competition King of Kings in the JTBC cooking contest program “Cooking”
Since 2021, he has been working as an exclusive model and director of Mealpang Co., Ltd. and is actively participating in social contribution activities and sharing events for needy neighbors.


Dongwon Home Food Co., Ltd.

Consulting for building a system of local logistics network and support for export-related business when expanding overseas

Korea Credit Data Co., Ltd. (Cash Note)

Exchange for video content and Joint Marketing

(Cor) Korea Celebrity Sports Association

Consulting for building a system of local logistics network and support for export-related business when expanding overseas