Fun Beer King

Must-visit Bar Fun Beer King

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Must-visit bar “Fun Beer King”

Premium Beer Cafe Fun Beer King is a bar restaurant with a relaxed mood and fun from a stylish interior, various types, and luxurious lighting based on an industrial interior concept from the 1900s.

With the motif of an industrial concept from the 1900s, which can evoke nostalgia for the desolate lives of urban people who experienced industrialization and mechanization, We started our business with the name “Fun Beer King” to create memories as a new vintage and bring a warm impression and fun.

Through the broadcasting station as the first and only time in the world, we broadcast the brand for 24 hours, so that customers not only enjoy food but also enjoy things to see and do.In addition, we also provide abundant things to enjoy through various marketing channels such as affiliate event promotions, new menu event promotions, and special day event promotions.