Add a fire pit to pig trotters!

With a mind as a businessman accompanies together

we get delivery of domestic A+ pig’s trotter, braise them in our store every morning, and then bake them in a natural volcanic fire pit at 500℃ and cook the most special pig trotter.

We offer a variety of dishes such as Fire pit-baked Whole Pork Trotters, Fire pit-baked Pig’s Trotters, Fire pit-baked Bossam (Korean Napa wraps with pork), and Fire pit-baked Cheese Pork Trotters with unique flavors, which cannot be imitated by anyone else and we never fail to impress our customers.

With the mind as a businessman who does not work only for the head office’s profit, but accompanies the path of coexistence together, Shinsol F&B will do our best every moment to ensure that our franchisees never close their business.