Sorim Mara

A strong addiction that will make you think again

It has two things that Koreans like

Korean food culture that enjoys the ‘comfortable savory taste’ every day and is crazy about the ‘special spiciness’.The taste of comfortable daily life and the taste of special delicacy
We make a special Mala soup that can be enjoyed satisfactorily for any purpose.

‘A new era of Mala soup’ to which all generations are addicted

Sorim Mala reinterpreted the attraction of Mala, which captivated the MZ generation, with popularity and exquisite balance. 
Beyond the era of Mala Soup where only the MZ generation was enthusiastic, we are opening a “new era of Mala Soup” where all generations will enjoy together.

The pride in representing K-Mala soup

We make Sorim Mala soup, not Mala soup.
We accept what should be accepted, and we do not just stick to traditional Chinese methods.
Our goal is to make the most delicious ‘Korean style Mala Soup’ in Korea and make it well-known worldwide.