Sunbi Kkoma Gimbap

We will grow the dream of the original Sunbi Kkoma Gimbap with consistent passion.

Since 2011, consistently beloved Sunbi Kkoma Gimbap

Differentiated competitiveness, this is the shortcut to a successful start-up.

Kimbap as a single menu Successful start-up item, minimization of ingredient loss, high-profit margins
The best ingredients In-house operation for logistics delivery, easy management of ingredients quality, and optimized raw materials for Kkoma Gimbap
Systematic system Franchise professionals(about 50 people), from store selection to operation, allocation/management of dedicated personnel
4WAY sales Hall Service+Takeout+Delivery+Meal kit, operation in small space available, the best sales efficiency compared to the area
Timeless Item Nation’s representative food (Gimbap/Tteokbokki), the brand’s existence period of 11 years
Paper container Using paper containers for the first time in the industry, minimization of plastic discharge, Practice for ECO management