Mikado Sushi

People who create successful businesses with a new paradigm of sushi Sushi filled with fresh nature

With a passion for popularizing ‘Sushi’, we made a mark in Korean sushi industry.

Starting with doubt about why the price of each plate is different in Korean conveyor-belt sushi restaurants,
I decided to start the business of Mikado Sushi in 2016 with a passion for creating a brand that can be enjoyed without burden by men and women of all ages.

Our pioneering spirit of popularizing sushi made us go toward the home of sushi,
and all the experiences we saw, heard, and tasted became the best foundation for building today’s Mikado Sushi where all dishes are provided at the same price.

In order to find more fresh ingredients and to develop more delicious recipes,
Mikado Sushi’s research and challenges for more reasonable prices are still ongoing,
and the title ‘Premium Sushi with reasonable price] will never change.

In order to lead a new paradigm in sushi,
we will always do our best.